“ It is not enough to do your best.
You must know what to do, and then do your best. ”

W. Edwards Deming

Advisory Model

We start with assessing Operational activities (the AS-IS), and we transform the organisation through Design and Transition, to the new Operating model (the TO-BE).

Whether you are implementing out-of-the-box vendor processes (ERP or ITSM), adapting from a framework (e.g. ITIL), or building them from scratch - the principles are the same; and whether a single process or a system of processes, the disciplines are the same.

Our nuAdvisory business transformation model is built around three cyclic phases: Design, Transition, and Operation.

Strategy for Continual Improvement

  • Operation AS-IS is where we help you visualise where you are and where you want to be. By engaging us, you can model your management system quickly and simply, identifying critical business processes and desired outcomes.
  • Design is the most crucial step in business transformation. Not getting it right, or not getting the right people on board, will have a significant impact later on. By engaging us, you can be sure of getting an objective, workable, logical target operating model.
  • Transition is where the blueprints are built and tested prior to deployment into business operations. Here, disciplined management techniques are needed to ensure that costs and risks do not escalate beyond the organisation's capabilities. By engaging us, you can be provided with a level of assurance, or have complete confidence in obtaining the desired outcomes.
  • Operation TO-BE is where the organisation takes on the new direction day-by-day post-deployment. Here, productivity and performance are coupled to customer satisfaction. By engaging us, your team will have an increased understanding and adapt better to the new disciplines identified in the target operating model.

Our services are packaged so they can be used individually or as part of a larger programme of work.

Advisory Services

Professional Contractors / Vendor Management

Operation AS-IS Design Transition Operation TO-BE

Business Transformation Lifecycle Overview

The Transformation Lifecycle is cyclic in nature, and can be used to transition a complete platform or deploy individual business processes/application modules in a phased approach. Whichever way you choose, the principles are the same: Design from the current position with the existing staff, Transition to Operation with close support, and consider the Operational lifecycle at all points.

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nuAdvisory is an approved service provider for Northern Territory government agencies
for ICT Specialist Services under the panel contract D14-0026: Provision of ICT Specialist Services.